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A trip for the whole family!

Parking: P1 - Tyssohallen. 
Skjeggedalsvegen 66, 5770 Tyssedal

A steep, yet safe hike through a historic landscape brings you to a scenic view over the local Hardanger fjord and Folgefonna glacier. This hike is suitable for all ages. It takes 40-50 minutes to reach the top, where you will be rewarded with a stunning view. The hike itself can be done without a guide.

The hike to Lilletopp takes approximately 45 minutes from the parking lot.

How to reach Lilletopp

Park by the Tysso sports arena - Tyssohallen - P1. To avoid the parking fee, you can get 3 hours free parking by buing a ticket to the museum. The parking ticket may be acquired in the reception at the museum.

From the parking at P1, follow the toll road for 1 kilometer (red dotted line). The solid line on the map, marks the path up the mountain side.

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Trollrunga Active - via ferrata

In cooperation with Trolltunga Active, the museum takes part in “Tyssedal via Ferrate”, a climb along the pipelines. Well equipped with provided safety gear, the climb is completed alongside experienced guides. This climb is a chance to truly experience the daily life of workers as they completed construction of pipelines and the power plant over 100 years ago.